A strong social media presence for your brand has holistic benefits for your business. They extend to seemingly unrelated miracles like receiving better ranking in the search engines, increasing consumer loyalty and expediting purchase decisions—all funneling to your bottom line.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services:

  Plan social media campaigns across several different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. while keeping in line with company best practices.

  Manage social media properties including daily monitoring, posting, and content development.

  Coordinate and implement social media marketing communication projects with responsibilities that include social media advertising and creating brand awareness online.

  Initiate conversation through Facebook and Twitter and postings.

  Identify new opportunities to continually improve the social media presence to engage supporters online and nurture them into customers.

  Prepare status reports on social media efforts and success rates.

  Set and monitor benchmarks for measuring impact of social media programs.

  Analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of campaigns to Management and provide optimization recommendations.

  Research and monitor social media conversations to identify opportunities, potential issues, and key influencers. Provide recommendations (pros/cons) relative to engagement.

  Monitor emerging trends and provide recommendations for evolving new social media strategies and tactics.

  Identify and develop targeted promotions or events suited for the social space to drive brand distinction and ongoing campaigns.

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