Requirement Gathering, Feasibility Evaluation, System Development, Project Progress, Deployment and Testing, Final System Delivery and Training, Online Marketing and Maintenance

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At NetEdges , the project execution process is client-oriented. We take a systematic approach towards all projects. Project execution begins by mapping the user-experience, determining what functionalities are necessary and where priorities lie. We feel it's important for a company to envision the complete system from start to end before a single keystroke of code has been made. Specific communication protocols, a precisely mapped objective strategy and explicitly planned implementation play vital roles in the success of large-scale project execution. NetEdges has an innovative and functional set of methodologies including RapCom (Rapid Component development), EXReD (Explicit Requirement Definition) and CloConAg (we're a Closed Contract Agency) that cater to your needs efficiently and effectively.

Requirement Gathering

The first phase of the project cycle involves laying out the client's objectives and making an initial survey of the project's technical requirements. This might include such things as weeding out user interface issues in the client's existing system and automating any manual or unnecessary processes. At this point we establish a timeline for the project and determine the appropriate web technologies we will employ.

Feasibility Evaluation

Once NetEdges has clarified requirements with respect to the client's objectives, we work with a company representative to evaluate functional, procedural and financial constraints. At the end of this phase NetEdges proposes a comprehensive and precise solution that fits into the client's functional and financial needs. Upon client approval, NetEdges will initiate actual project development.
Requirement Refinement
This is the first step of the development process. NetEdges will elaborate on each previously determined requirement and finalize the precise set of system functionalities.

System Development

Once the requirements are finalized, NetEdges programmers begin programming the system, and our visual designers begin laying out the user interface and any brand identity elements. This is a completely interactive process which requires client feedback at each step of execution.

Project Progress

Clients communicate and track project progress using our unique online project communication system. At each step, the client is notified when progress of the current phase is made. Clients can use any of the following methods to communicate with NetEdges to track project status:
Using our user friendly online communication system
By calling our project manager
Email communication
Using our interactive online whiteboard to point out certain details
Scheduling a face-to-face meeting with our project manager

Deployment and Testing

Before projects conclude, clients have the opportunity to test the robustness of their new system. If system requires integration with an existing system or data migration, NetEdges will strategize the process for efficient execution and/or migration.

Final System Delivery and Training

The NetEdges team will deploy the finalized system on a live or closed server (depending on client preference and project requirements) and train the company representative to use both the user interface and the administrative system. Future plans for next-phase development and a maintenance strategy are also decided at the end of this phase.

Online Marketing and Maintenance

Online marketing consists of two distinct means of driving traffic: paid search and organic search. Both forms are highly effective, measurable, and sustainable, and pay for themselves. We develop all web-based systems to be search-friendly with regards to system architecture, however additional SEO services pertaining to actual content require comprehensive market research and thus, an SEO-specific consultation and subsequent integration