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Secure Access Levels Custom invoice Touch Screen Ready Product Photos
Extensive Selection of Reports No Inventory Size Limit Purchse Orders Supplier Database
Multiple Inventories Customer Orders Built-In Backup Network Ready
Data Import & Export Client Price & Tax Setup Credit Limits Client History

Reports samples

  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by category  
  • Sales by Item
  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Daily Tax Collected
  • Item Price List
  • Item Quantity List
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Purchase Order Status
  • Purchase Order Report



Does First POS Professional Run on Windows 2000 and XP?

Yes, First POS Professional was designed from the ground up to run on the desktop version of these latest operating systems for increased stability.

Are reports in First POS Professional enought ?

Yes, many standard reports are included with First POS Professional.

Does First POS Professional track customer data?

Yes, First POS Professional tracks all of your important customer information, you can easily view a customer’s previous sales, buying trends, and account information.

Does First POS Professional track inventory?

Yes, you will now know quantity on hand, reorder information and much more just with the click of a mouse.

Can First POS Professional generate Purchase Orders?

Yes, First POS Professional will allow you to create a Purchase Order

Can multiple registers be used at the same time?

Yes, First POS Professional was designed to be flexible enough to be used in small stores using just one or two registers, or in large stores using 100+ registers.

Does First POS Professional require a lot of training?

No, First POS Professional features very few Hours training for the register, and minimal training to operate the Back Office software. Many business owners with no computer experience have praised our product for its intuitive and easy to use interface.

Are inventory items limited?

No, First POS Professional has no limit to the amount of items that you can input.

Can I use First POS Professional on just one computer in my store?

Yes, all features can be run from a single machine, you can even run Register and Back Office at the same time.

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