We help to optimize your website to last SEO on Page standarts. We created website structure based on you niche visitors needs.

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This step influences only around 20% success in Google rating process but it still one of the most important tasks what you need to do before full website optimization. On Page optimization enables Google bots to understand content of your website easier. It is important that these robots access information which is the same your customers are currently searching for.

Internal optimization objective is to show Google bots content which would let your website get better results in Google ranking by keywords which are important for your business.

Every website’s page has to be unique and targeted to specific people group – specific keywords.

On Page optimization is divided into two parts:

  1. Website’s SEO audit.
  2. Website’s page structure creation.

Website’s SEO audit

We carry out SEO audit for your website. After this process we provide solutions how structure, source code or how the content of website should be changed.

We analyze content management system abilities and provide summary about additional plug-ins and add-ons your website needs to become more attractive from search engines perspective.

WE DON`T DO 100 Pages SEO analysis reports, because WE RESPECT YOUR TIME. You will get only things what will make effect to your site/business and if you have 3rd part developers – we will talk with them and get best result together without wasting your time.

Website’s structure creation

According to market research data we create structure for your website. This new structure reflects your target audience’s needs on the Internet. Every page has a purpose and keyword which aiming it. Google shows only one page from one domain name on search results. So don’t let it randomly choose which page to show. Force Google to play by your rules. Practically this process is one of the longest in all On Page SEO. It takes from 1 week up to 4 months, it depends on individual situation and projects details. During this process we have to find a compromise between customers’ needs, business language and official language rules. Often companies have to make strategic decisions about their positioning in the market.

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