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Digital Marketing

More than 80% of SEO process success is built on external website optimization.

This process is unique. We not only create technical links. We work on business referring, on public relations and we try to get as much as possible of the market.

Off Page Optimization Process

Authority backlinking

During external optimization your website pages will get authority in Google ranking because of back linking from other market authorities.

We help to gain authority on the Internet consistently creating unique content and spreading the messages about your services. The result – you will become market leaders in your niche online.

There are all kinds of strategies how external optimization can be done. All their aim is to create good quality links to your website.

Web Directories

The first job is to register your website with online directories. Unfortunately this action can be done only once and your website gains only half-quality links. We have created list of such directories and we check if links on such directories are useful or if links aren’t removed. We update this list constantly. Registration to these directories takes some time. It has to be spread in time to look like a natural action for Google search engine.

Unique content (SEO Copywriting) and distribution

Constant links to your website creation and unique content creating and posting is our daily job.

Partnerships and link exchange

We also don’t forget partnership and link changing strategies.

Link buying (rare strategy)

Buying links is rare but still usable strategy. Buying links can be dangerous. You have to be guaranteed that link won’t be deleted before time. Buying a link we guarantee link’s existence in the website at least for 24 months.

Targeted group forums

Targeted group forums. We participate in discussions by creating unique content and in this way attract potential customers to your website. The most important part is unique and valuable content.

Social media

Social factor became significant in the ranking process. You need very wide spread to gain good results on social media like Facebook or twitter. We can work with your Social Media team or use our partners to get best results for your business.

Link value

Every link is important, but more important what benefit that link brings. That's why next optimization step is SEO results monitoring .

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