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Net Edges System is the basis of the most powerful accounting software designed by the largest group of programmers and systems analysts, and a group of accountants, all at the highest level until you take into account the requirements of the labor market.

System Features List

•    Sales (accounts receivable)

  • sales
  • unlimited number of customers
  • customer branches
  • sales quotations (with inquiry and creating of sales orders) 
  • sales orders (can be printed as quotes)
  • delivery to invoice
  • Separation of customer invoice issue and goods delivery.
  • invoicing (with optional payment link)
  • credit notes
  • Documents can have more than one row with the same stock id.
  • Direct delivery.
  • Direct invoice.
  • Batch invoicing for more than one delivery.
  • Template delivery and invoicing. Can be marked in sales order inquiry.
  • Most of sales documents are editable.
  • Links to print documents after entry.
  • Links to print documents in inquiries.
  • Line descriptions in sales documents can be edited and printing of documents handles multiple line of descriptions.
  • Sales groups for grouping customer branches.
  • recurrent invoices
  • Dimensions can be selected on sales delivery and invoices.
  • accumulating of shipping costs and legal text on invoices
  • new printed document layout
  • Deposits, single and batch, allocations. 
  • Immediate allocation when paying.
  • sales areas
  • sales types
  • sales groups
  • salesmen
  • Salesman provisions and breakpoints for calculating provisions for salesmen. Salesmen report.
  • shipping companies

•    Purchase (accounts payable)

  • unlimited number of suppliers
  • purchase orders
  • Direct supplier invoice.  
  • supplier invoices, with received items and GL items
  • Supplier price lists.
  • conversion factor in purchasing prices
  • Purchasable prices with up to 6 decimals.
  • Various payment terms.
  • supplier credit notes show only invoices for a period
  • credit this' link in supplier inquiry
  • Immediate allocation when paying.
  •  attachment of scanned documents

 •    Items and inventory

  • unlimited number of stock and none-stock items
  • item categories
  • item locations
  • price lists also in various currencies
  • adjustments
  • location transfers
  • Re-order levels (option: email notification when stocks available are below re-order levels).
  • Automatic calculation of average item material cost from po delivery and work order entry.
  • Automatic calculation of prices from home currency and base sales type settings. 
  • Automatic calculation of prices from percent addition on standard costs. prices rounded to nearest xx cent.
  • Quantity decimals now use the item units if any.
  • item kit sets for order/sales speed up
  • Foreign codes registration for bar-code scanner entry.

•    Dimensions

  • use up to 2 levels
  • dimensions can be used as:
  1. projects
  2. cost centers
  3. departments
  4. inventories (the general ledger can be selected over several years)
  5. or whatever you define them to be 
  • Dimension view shows account balance
  • Dimension due date and costs follow-up.

•    Bank  

  • several bank accounts
  • detailed payments and deposits
  • currencies
  • currency rates by date (historical)
  • bank inquiries and reports.
  • bank accounts reconciliation

•    General ledger

  • unlimited number of accounts
  • account classes
  • account groups
  • manual journal entry with dimensions entry
  • Budget entry even on dimensions.
  • The account list follows the keying of accounts.
  • Detailed inquiries with drill downs and reports.
  • journal Inquiry with edition/view of journal entries
  • Quick entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit. Also balance based with period percent for depreciation and so
  • closing a fiscal year also closes the balances and brings forward retained earnings
  • deleting a fiscal year removes all transactions and convert into relevant open  balances

•    Manufacturing

  • bills of material 
  • work centre inquiries
  • advanced production and simple assembling
  • work order entries
  • printing of work orders
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